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Mr Pink57 11-17-15 11:10 AM

BV light same as B&M light
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Toplight Line Permanent

Doesn't it seem these two lights look very similar? Has anyone tried the BV compared to the B&M light? Tried doing a search on the BV but not much comes up about it.

fietsbob 11-17-15 11:21 AM

Looks Like they Liked the Optics the German Company developed, and copied it.

I only own the German ones , they are Dynamo Powered , not Battery powered ..

NB Line tech has been Patented, not that ever slowed down any Chinese copiers .

wschruba 11-17-15 08:13 PM

The Toplight isn't that expensive, even if you buy it in the expensive is the BV?

pdlamb 11-19-15 03:36 PM

It's just as good as a Xerox...

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