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WheresWaldo 12-10-15 02:27 PM

Fly6 to GoPro mounting options
Someone sent me his Fly6 and wants to mount it on a GoPro style mount. I am curious to ask Fly6 users if that was available would you want to mount the Fly6 inline (canted rearward) from the GoPro mount or hang down from the mount. Likely attaching it to something like the K-Edge GoBig Rail Mount or similar would be my guess as to the intended use.

If you could think of other possible uses I am all ears.

rifraf 12-10-15 08:13 PM

Theres a lot to be said for having onboard cameras:
Road rage victim urges everyone to 'chill out and take a breath' |

WheresWaldo 12-10-15 10:41 PM

I generally ride with a camera, sometimes two (front/rear). I have never used it because of an act of road rage, but if I need to I am glad that it is available.

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