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sour01 10-13-18 10:56 AM

Dog ate my computer! Really!!
This is what happens to a Garmin Edge 800 when your Great Dane get hold of it. Now I need a replacement. I thinks it's going to be between the Edge 820 or 520. Any suggestions?

Seattle Forrest 10-13-18 09:29 PM

I think you should tell Garmin you were just riding around and your Edge self destructed when you asked it to navigate, then ask them if it's covered under warranty. ;)

How important agree maps to you? The 520 is more limited in that regard.

Noahma 10-14-18 10:53 PM

I have one of the new edge explore models, works great. If you dont need a power meter, it does the job, and its not all to expensive.

Iride01 10-15-18 09:06 AM

Garmin has a flat rate out-of-warranty repair for their stuff. In the list, they show a edge 800 blue or white would be only 99 bucks. I don't think they ever really repair any and send you back what you send in. They just give you a refurb'd unit that comes from other returns.

So if you don't need or want any of the features of the new units, you might call and see for certain if you qualify to get one.

wgscott 10-15-18 09:10 AM

I have the Garmin Edge 25. It is small enough for my golden retrievers to swallow whole, so I just give them a laxative, wait a few minutes, rinse, and it is as good as ever.

pdlamb 10-15-18 09:12 AM

A box of Milk Bones would be a cheaper way to keep your dog entertained.

Never thought I'd be pushing dog bones on an electronics forum. ;)

ksryder 10-15-18 09:20 AM

My dogs eat nothing but a steady diet of Omatas. Nothing but the finest for man's best friend.

sdmc530 10-15-18 03:24 PM

DANG... sorry but I laughed at the pic. the 520 plus is a nice unit with navigation. The 820 is pretty nice too, I have the standard 520 and really really like it. Some day when it does die I will get the 520 plus.

noglider 10-15-18 04:07 PM

It's a good thing he didn't ingest it. The lithium battery has a good chance of killing him.

puma1552 10-31-18 07:56 AM

Is the Edge 520 (not the plus model) being discontinued? It's out of stock at at least a few major retailers.

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