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amitzinman 06-19-22 11:45 AM

Bike camera setups

I've been making a few videos for my Bike Stuff PDX YouTube channel using a few different action camera setups and was wondering what type of setup y'all are using....


OshkoshBiker 06-20-22 07:02 AM

Camera Setup

I tried to look at your links and they took me somewhere other than a video. You may wish to check this.

In regard to video and camera setup. I use a Drift GhostX camera mounted on my handle bars for road and gravel cycling. I mount the same camera on my helmet for mountain biking. You can see my videos on YouTube by searching for "Cykelstrom" or here is a link:

Kind regards,

amitzinman 06-20-22 07:08 AM

Unfortunately, the forum doesn't allow me to post links before I posted 10 threads, but you can definitely find my videos on YouTube dot Com slash BikeStuffPDX.

texbiker 06-20-22 07:16 AM

I use a GoPro Hero 10 Black for my videos. I use a mount on my handlebars to hold the camera with a Garmin quick release mount for handheld shots. I have a Drift Ghost XL for longer videos because it has a longer battery life. You can see my videos at my YouTube channel

greatbasin 06-20-22 01:07 PM

Are you serious?

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