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bike09er 04-27-07 05:30 PM

Just got a new bike! Any reccomendations for a cyclometer? Thanks!

Warden11 04-27-07 05:34 PM

I have a Cateye Astrale 8 and it works great. Cadence and all the speed info. Cost about $30.

bike09er 04-27-07 06:15 PM

Originally Posted by Warden11
I have a Cateye Astrale 8 and it works great. Cadence and all the speed info. Cost about $30.

Any trouble with the wire?

Warden11 04-27-07 10:00 PM

Nope. Did have a problem with my cadence magnet, it came loose so I just had to find a way to make sure it quit sliding around. Which was easy enough.

MaxBender 04-28-07 11:43 AM

I've had great success with the Cateye Astrale 8 and the Sigma Sport 1600 with Cadence.

Both are reliable, but I prefer the Sigma because the display is a little easier to read.
Under the bottom number, it says CADENCE or TRIP UP or whatever, and that's easier to glance at than the little abrreviations on the Astrale.

trin2du 04-30-07 07:55 AM

I'd recommend the Satrale 8 as well. Though I have moved into a Garmin 305, and I love it.

Psydotek 04-30-07 07:57 AM

+1 for the Cateye Astrale 8.

Also, the Planet Bike Protege series is good if you don't need/want a cadence reading (they have built in thermometers too).

tajsss 04-30-07 03:43 PM

I borrowed a friend tri bike for a race last year and it had a thermometer. I thought it would be cool but it played too many psychological games with me. I'd always be thinking "Damn its hot". Then I'd look at the thermometer and it would say 108 or something stupid then it would get in my head that it's really hot and I'd start thinking about that more than racing/riding. I'd rather not know. Granted I live in Dallas so I'd rather not know how hot it is most of the time.

Psydotek 04-30-07 07:34 PM

Yeah, when it's warm the thermometer isn't as useful as it will usually read high (the sun will heat up the cyclometer higher than the air temperature). However i found it extremely useful for spring/autumn rides (or even winter) since i ALWAYS put on my knee warmers when it dips below 70 (and sometimes i like to know how cold it is to find out just how crazy i am sometimes...) :lol:

tajsss 04-30-07 09:03 PM

Haha. what sucks about the 108 or whatever, was that it was accurate. It was my first Oly and ended up being the hottest day of the year so far. It was completely brutal. I think everyone's run time sucked. Well, at least mine did, but I'm not much of a runner anyways.

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