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aliensporebomb 07-03-07 10:52 AM

Light conundrum.....
So my light that I got as a present from Performance crapped out and I returned it for credit.
I've yet to order a different one...

I previously used two Cateye EL300s as commuting lights but have given them to
my wife for her to use.

We usually ride our bikes to 4th of July Fireworks and do a night ride on the way back.

But, for my birthday a few days ago, a friend got me two 28 led flashlights that are absurdly
bright that runs on 3 AAA batteries and have aluminum casings. That's 56 white leds in total!

I can't think of a way to mount these on my mountain bike but I have thought of a way to
mount them: rubberband them to the flat part of my drop bars on my road bike.

Anyone have any other ideas? They're basically short cylindrical aluminum tubes
with a light head on one end and a battery cap on the other and the switch is at
the end and it's a push switch.

If I have one on the underside of each drop bar it ought to produce some spectacular
illumination (or at least better than two Cateye EL300s).

Ideas anyone?

aliensporebomb 07-03-07 10:45 PM



I had 61 white leds running on the bike tonight. Two 28 led flashlights against the
lower flat portions of my drop bars and one cateye EL300 up above.

I rode to a fireworks display, met up with a friend, then rode home. He had a 15
watt halogen system (apparently with a failing battery, it was running a little dim)
and then my setup.

It seemed to work well, the Cateye was aimed at the road so I could see where
I was going and what I was doing. The other two were acting more as ambient
light producers ("ditch lights" if you will) and allowed motorists to see me very
clearly I suspect - I was lighting up reflective street signs from two to three
blocks away.

Give it a try! I think next time I might try hose clamps.

Tom Stormcrowe 07-04-07 08:45 PM
There's always this....

aliensporebomb 07-05-07 01:31 PM

Oh, thanks Tom, that's a lot more elegant than the solution I was using. Perfect!

Tom Stormcrowe 07-05-07 01:33 PM


Originally Posted by aliensporebomb
Oh, thanks Tom, that's a lot more elegant than the solution I was using. Perfect!

No worries! Google is my brain!:p

Bushman 07-09-07 02:58 AM

get a couple of big thick neoprene "O" rings and use them on the light like the pic Tom posted above

hotbike 07-13-07 01:31 PM

I had a plastic clamp on my handlebars, but the headlight had bitten the dust.
I took a cordless drill and made two holes in the clamp.
Next , I ran a piece of 18 gauge bare wire through the holes.
I tied down a 1 LED, 3 AAA aluminum flashlight.
It's not the brightest light in the world, but it runs a long time on batteries.

Grun 07-21-07 02:08 AM

try this out:
works for Mag-Lights, and Cree Edition Tactical Flashlights

dom 07-22-07 03:25 AM

Hi there
Another barmount for flashlights is a Twofish Lockblock
They also have a 3pack for $14.50

And a bit of discussion about them


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