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kmcrawford111 07-04-07 01:18 AM

Topeak WhiteLite HP 3W? USA-Made Lights?

I need a front light for my bike. I've looked around a bit, and the one I like the most is the Topeak WhiteLite HP 3W. I like that it's an LED and I like that it's detachable for use as a flashlight. Some users have remarked that it may not be bright enough to be more than a "be seen" light, but I am not a heavy night rider. My night riding currently consists of short rides around the neighborhood and 2 miles commutes at my worksite, the latter being almost completely lit. I've been using a 1W LED flashlight temporarily, a Pelican M6 LED 2330, and if the batteries are fully charged it is good enough or nearly good enough for seeing the road. Does anyone have the Whitelite HP 3W?

My main concern is that I prefer to buy products made in the USA. Can anyone point me to some USA-made lights, possibly some that are similar to the above?

Thank you.

Grun 07-04-07 01:35 AM

idk, have you looked at ones by Fenix using Cree Edition LEDs?
they are far more powerful

kmcrawford111 07-04-07 09:48 AM

Actually I have one of them, the L1D CE. It's the light I use at work. That's a good idea, I really like the Cree lights for their high brightness... but how would I mount one? Also, I'd still prefer a USA-made light.

Edit: was kist looking at and see that they now have bicylcle mounts. I'm going to look around here some more for information about them.

Ziemas 07-04-07 10:30 AM

Dinotte are made in the States.

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