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jwbnyc 07-04-07 04:22 AM

Any Info On The Upcoming Cygolite TridenX?
Just curious about this light.

It's due in the Fall.

Anybody know anything about it yet?

Zero_Enigma 07-04-07 07:55 PM Can't find anything on the website unless someone has found a secret page on there. If so post it! :)

Just looking at the light on the page it looks like the Dual Cross body with the same top buttons but I suspect they're using the Cree Q5 or SSC P4 LED's.

Grun 07-04-07 08:06 PM

Gonna be 3 LEDs, for the name "Tri"=Three
"Den"=Teeth, the thing that does the damage... LEDs

They will be next generation likely Cree Editions Q5 like Enig said. Price will be around $400 or less.
Ultra powerful. Around 500 lumens or more, since it will be more powerful than HIDs.

jwbnyc 07-04-07 08:15 PM

If it comes in under Four Bills that'd be kinda nice. :)

Grun 07-04-07 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by jwbnyc
If it comes in under Four Bills that'd be kinda nice. :)

they have to since you can get a high quality, heavy battery HID for $350.
$400 and under is a good pricepoint and may be something beyondbikes

kboy25 07-09-07 03:57 PM

500 lumens will be awesome. I mean the dual ion pro is twice the dual ion that should be plenty bright too. I've emailed them, but they can't disclose any information as of yet.

Cyclon 07-09-07 04:49 PM

Welp, because of the new model(s) coming out this fall, it helped in lowering the price of the current models. That's good for the bargain hunters like me. :)

kboy25 07-10-07 11:37 AM

is the cree Q5 going to be readily available though? I heard those are hard to get right now.

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