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niz16 07-05-07 06:32 AM

cateye micro wireless????
im looking at buying one of these, compared to the basic vdo unit, has anyone had much to do with either of these and what would you recomend, im really only looking for a speedo and trip meter, as im using a polar f6 hrm to train, so i wont be going for the cadence

what do you guys think??????, any help would be greatly appreciated,



bernmart 07-05-07 08:22 AM

should serve you well. Before I bought my Garmin Edge I used one for almost a year without problems, and w/o incident. Some risk of interference when riding under trasmission towers, as with any wireless computer, but it's a minimal problem.

MAK 07-05-07 09:07 AM

I have three bikes and two Micro Wireless computers and I've had no problems at all. I like the fact that I can remove it and take it with me if I lock my bike and go in a store.

MAK 07-05-07 09:26 AM has them for $35.00.

niz16 07-05-07 09:36 AM

thanks for the replys

have you guys used them in the rain and snow, no troubles with the water??????

niz16 07-09-07 09:05 PM

just bought the micro wireless, ill fit it today, give it a few weeks ill reply again and see how its doing,

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