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Bushman 07-11-07 10:38 PM

my new bike siren
well, hot as hades summer day here in Vancouver BC, lotsa people out on the trails and paths, not paying attention and walking in the bike lane or stepping out into traffic. So after several more near misses i went home and raided the electronic parrts bin that is my bedroom.

I started with a 6-12 volt Dc siren horn from my old alarm system. Its 140 decibles, dual tone , sounds like a police siren on steroids. I wired in a momentary waterproof push button, hooked upthe leads to a 12 volt 1 AH SLA and away i go.

riding down the bike paths at about 20kms an hour, i see the target, a slow walking 30's something couple blocking the bike path. I got about 5 feet from them and hit the button. I do believe they crapped themselves. Next i rode thru downtown, pure traffic hell. dude in Bimmer with cellphone in ear and computer on lap while driving cuts me off, forcing me to the curb. I pull up next to him at the stop light, on the drivers side and hit the button in his open window. latte everywhere. I reminded him to be a little more attentive when driving.

Its going to be fun summer. I think have two of these sirens , i might just have to hook them up together........


neilfein 07-12-07 06:33 AM

Eventually you're gonna get roughed up. But I think every cyclist at least thinks about doing something like this.

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