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Richard Cranium 07-15-07 06:58 PM

How bad are cheap "head" lights?
I was the store and saw a head-band light with 1 watt LED for $25. It ran off of 3 "AAA" batteries. How uncomfortable is this kind of light when the batteries are up on the band?

Anyone using a triple "a" setup on the head band?

Nycycle 07-15-07 07:59 PM

I have used various headband lights, no likey,nope, not me,, I don't mind them ones that clip to a baseball cap for work and all, but on the pedal toys(My 3 Milano's) I like on the handle bar for white, with flash option, and for the price I like those $8.00 seat post light from Wally World, I lit up for $20.

I know, I'm cheap.

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