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Modena 07-22-07 01:56 AM

Cateye V3 - anyone got one?
Hey all,

Just wondering if anyone has laid their hands on a Cateye V3 yet?

It's not even on the Cateye website, but some web stores in the UK seem to have them. I found it by a comparison link on the Cateye website via another computer, here:

Wireless speed, cadence and heart rate for about GBP 99 - I'm thinking I'll get one, any reports good or bad?

jobe1 08-30-07 01:03 PM

I'm also wondering about this. I'm really tempted to get one as I'm looking for something with HR and cadence at the moment, and have always found Cateye reliable.
But the lack of reviews is holding me back!

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