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dpr 07-28-07 04:25 PM

Wireless speed and wireless cadence
Please can any one recommend to me a computer that features wireless speed and wireless cadence. Other than Shimano Flightdeck. A backlight feature would be useful but that doesn't really matter.


Jesper64 07-28-07 11:04 PM

Sigma 1606L DTS with cadence. Has wireless speed and cadence and backlight plus it's a great computer.

socalrider 07-28-07 11:13 PM

Garmin 305 has all that and backlighting also.. The best part of the garmin is that it works regardless if you buy the extra speed/cadence sensors.. Just buy an extra mount and you are done.. This is great if you have a lot of bikes.. I like the fact that the speed sensor is in the rear so you can get info when using the turbo trainer..

trustnoone 07-28-07 11:16 PM

I just installed the 1606L. It is excellent, has backlight and a wack of other functions.

I bought from geargurl on e-bay, a good price and free shipping:

kleng 07-28-07 11:22 PM

I have'nt had any pproblems with my polar 625x, which has wireless HR, speed, cadence and foot pod (for running).

dpr 08-01-07 01:45 PM

Thanks all!

The Sigma 1606L looks perfect for my needs. Costs more than I was hoping to pay but I can't have it all apparently. Any other users of it willing to comment on the build quality, ease of use of its software ect... ?

trustnoone 08-06-07 07:09 AM

Build Quality is exactly what you would expect for being made in Germany and costing around $100. Excellent. It is very easy to use. If you can set a clock you will have no trouble with the 1606L

fatall 08-06-07 09:56 AM

I have the polar cs200cad, wireless speed, cadence and heart rate. No back light though.

ititchesrealbad 08-08-07 12:48 PM

Is your Polar CS200cad an older model? The product description states that there is a semi-automatic backlight so I'm a bit confused as to the back lighting features of this product. I just ordered one of these so I sure hope there is a back light as most of my riding is done when dark right now.


roost5o 08-10-07 09:18 AM

The Cateye CD300DW will fill the bill. It has wireless speed and wireless cadence from one unit that is mounted in the rear. It also has backlighting.

dpr 08-10-07 10:09 AM

I have had a tough time sourcing the 300DW here in the UK. Plenty of 200's but no 300. :(

Found one once but it was more expensive than the Sigma 1606L DTS with Cadence, which I have ordered through my LBS.

ititchesrealbad 08-14-07 02:58 PM

Well, I just got my CS200cad and it does have a back-light which I found out how to activate by reading page 24 in my manual. So, either it's just a newer feature of the CS200cad that was added to new revisions with the same model number. I dunno. I'm glad that it does, otherwise I'd need to return it for a different model. Thanks!

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