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jsmil4901 07-28-07 04:28 PM

Garmin 305 Technically challenged
I just recieved my new 305 Garmin. I have a Specialized Roubaix elite triple. I'm having some trouble mounting the cadence and speed sensor. Does anyone have any tips or photos of an install on a Roubaix?

socalrider 07-29-07 03:05 AM

what is the trouble, can you be more specific?

Shubox 07-29-07 05:51 AM

I had trouble with my trek 4500 the spoke magnet is only on one spoke. I tightened it down super hard and have not had a problem with it. The main sensor that sits on the rail bar it tilted about 45 degrees towards the crank arm then just line up the magnets with the lines on the sensor. The arm for the spoke magnet has a screw that allows it to swing out.

Guyton 07-29-07 06:40 AM

Replace the battery!
Check the GSC 10 Speed/Cadence Sensor battery. Both of mine came with dead or weak batteries. Changed the batteries and all was well. Kind of ticked me off, you try to find the best price and you have to ad $6-8 to that!

jsmil4901 07-29-07 07:09 AM

Yes I had trouble getting the cadence arm in the right position,but I think I got it figured out. I found this link that helped. I haven't had a chance to ride yet but I think it will work.
The internet can be a great thing.

rule 07-29-07 08:15 AM


Now repeat after me.

I 'state your name' will never ever drop my Garmin.

Now write that one hundred times.

Then go forth and remember that bit of advice. Garmins do not like to be dropped.

You can thank me later.

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