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Jon Lewis 07-31-07 05:24 AM

Lupine decided to call their new light Betty??????

We already decided to name the new light Betty

Betty 6
Betty 12
Betty X Pro (headlight)

We will try to update the website until friday or beginning of next week.

What u all think

Juha 07-31-07 05:50 AM

They already have Wilma, don't they? I don't think Betty would be much worse. They're great lights nevertheless.


Jon Lewis 07-31-07 08:31 AM

Great Lights
There's no doubt about the lights, just wonder where the name crept in??

HardyWeinberg 07-31-07 09:24 AM

It's like a Ginger/Mary Ann thing, it sounds like.

Bushman 07-31-07 09:29 AM

I can't wait for the BamBam light!!!

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