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striker_dj 08-23-07 01:23 PM

Is there a rack attachment for Blackburn Mars 3.0?
I was going to get a Planet Bike Super Flash and the corresponding rack mount ( but my night commute came up on me quick and I had to get what my LBS had which was a Blackburn Mars 3.0. I had it hang on my trunk bag but I'd really like to mount it on my rack. So I'm wondering if there is a product for this light like the one I linked to above for the Super Flash. Or does anyone know will the Mars 3.0 hook onto that Planet Bike attachment?

shoofly 08-24-07 07:34 AM

Good question. I have the same light and obviously it cannot be mounted to the seat post if you have a bag on the rack. My intention is to fabricate a bracket which will allow you to still use the quick release feature on the Mars 3. When I get it done, I will post some pics for you.

KLW2 08-25-07 06:30 AM

I just took a peice of aluminum strap the width of the pivot on the seat post mount and bent it into a P screwed the long end to holes in my rack ( now the P is laying on it's side kind of like this --o) and then screwed the clip/pivot part of the mount to the round part of the P.

Acts just like the seat post mount to pivot etc and stays clipped.

I'll post a pic later today if that helps...

KLW2 08-25-07 07:23 PM

Here is my bracket
1 Attachment(s)
Here it is looking kind of from the back & side

znomit 08-25-07 07:54 PM

You can never have enough rear blinkies.
I like to have two so I can tell when one is running low on batteries (they always look bright until you compare with another!)
You can make anything attach to a rack with a bit of work but the mars 2.0 is designed to rack mount.
Get a 2.0 and keep the 3.0 for emergencies or cable tie to your helmet.

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