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dekindy 10-23-07 01:18 PM

TwoFish Bikeblock versus Zefal Doodad
I ordered the Zefal Doodad because it is lower profile for possible mounting a Fenix flashlight on my helmet and because it came in packages of two so I would have another one to mount my mini-pump.

The base of the Doodad is too wide to mount underneath my top tube because it interferes with the brake cable. I have mounted it to the seat post for now and that appears satisfactory.

I am wondering if anyone has the Bikeblock and Doodad and can tell me how the width of the Bikeblock compares to the Doodad in width and could give measurements or confirm that the Bikeblock will mount under a top tube.

This may be bike specific. I have a Serotta Fierte steel frame.

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