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csr 10-25-07 10:12 PM

help a noob

I think it doesn't sound terribly difficult to build a circuit with lights. But, I've never done anything like it, and I have no equipment, apart from a soldering iron somewhere, and some solder.

How do you go about knowing how much light you can put on a battery's current? What I'd like to try is some of these in front (the LV500)

and some LEDs in the back.

Sorry to ask such a newbie question. I guess the volts have to match. For example, if I use a 12v lead-acid battery, I'd need to use 12v lights. There are 12v LED lights, and other kinds of 12v lights.

What book should I read?

Thanks for any information.

[email protected] 10-25-07 11:15 PM

Check this out!

csr 10-25-07 11:34 PM

[email protected]! Many thanks!

Is this also a good starting point?

A more specific question: How do I begin to think about stringing a bunch of LEDs together? I think I could just about attach one bright white light to a battery. But how do I evaluate a string of lights? For example, it might be nice to have three or four red LEDs in the back and two amber LEDs in the front. They ought to be on one battery. How is it to be evaluated?

I had a glance at some book like Electronics for Dummies but it was too complicated. I do have to face the fact that there will be a learning curve here.

csr 10-26-07 03:34 AM

Here is a thought experiment. Suppose I have this 12v lead-acid battery, rated at .8Ah. Does that give me 9.6 Wh, watt-hours, for a 12v device?

Now, suppose I have this LED light, which uses 2 or 3 W and 12 or 14 V. If I connect the light to the battery, does the battery run the light for 3 or 4 hours?

This LED halogen replacement bulb uses 1 W and runs on 8.5 - 17 V. Would the battery above light it for about 9 hours? If I had two such lights on the same circuit, would they burn for 4 -5 hours?

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