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nomo4me 10-27-07 08:47 PM

Dinotte Taillight Q: Mounting Angle??
I've got a new touring bike on the way and this Dinotte sale has me lathered up to hit the "add to cart" button.
But I've got a question: The Dinotte website photos ( ) show the light angled downward to cast a huge red field on the pavement behind the rear tire.

Is this how most of you mount such a bright taillight ? Seems to me that it would annoy motorists if mounted to point straight into their eyes.

I use the PB Superflash presently and it does a very good job of keeping cars at bay, even in the twisty canyons I ride at night.

But if the Dinotte adds an extra degree of safety mounted as shown in the photos I think I'll bite on one.



gear 10-28-07 04:24 AM

I ride to work on a quiet country road at 4am, the four or five cars that pass me from behind are moving at 40+ mph. I tried all sorts of "blinkies" but still got buzzed by cars as they passed till I began using the Dinotte tail light. I point mine directly towards where the drivers face would be if they are coming up behind me and are at a distance of 100 yards. Cars move well into the opposing lane when they pass me. I've had conversations with the drivers (when we stopped at a draw bridge) and was told that with the new tail light they can really see me now, they saw me before but not in time to alter their course. No one has complained of being blinded, but they are moving past me not sitting behind me staring into the light. Also the blinkies did not catch anyones attention during daytime on rainy or cloudy days as the Dinotte does.

PdxGecko 10-28-07 06:51 AM

Dinotte Mount Angle
Totally agree. The rear light results in cars moving over a lane. I think they think you're a moped. Rembember they see car lights & brake lights all the time. There is an argument to go solid rather than flashing. When I ride in groups in the daytime, I'll take last position for safety of the group since the rear light is very visible during daytime. This is when you're riding in groups that a downward angle would be appreciated by the other riders. NO ONE wants to ride behind a Dinotte!

ViperZ 10-28-07 07:08 AM

As I rode away the other night with my 140L on solid, my wife said she watched me until I turned the corner 5 blocks away. She said the 140L was much brighter than any fo the automobile's tail lights that were passing me.

I aim mine slightly down as to not blind drivers overtaking me.

I'm not so sure the 140L cuts as wide a path as other have experienced. I noticed a few drivers coming very close to me, closer than normal, on a quiet wide street. It was as if they were sending a message to me letting me know just because I was running such a bright light that looked like a circus event down the road, they were not going to give me any special treatement, in fact it's as they could see me and the lit area better now, so they're cutting closer to me.

nomo4me 10-28-07 08:44 AM

I think I'll mount mine angled downward as my daily ride includes a twisty canyon. Cars will often have to wait a couple of turns before they can pass me and I don't want to blind them as a reward for their consideration.

Thanks for the replies.

edzo 10-31-07 07:08 AM


Originally Posted by nomo4me (Post 5534999)
I think I'll mount mine angled downward as my daily ride includes a twisty canyon. Cars will often have to wait a couple of turns before they can pass me and I don't want to blind them as a reward for their consideration.

Thanks for the replies.

exactly level is ideal, perhaps 2 degrees downward. you can still see it miles away if it is 10 degrees down

RadioFlyer 11-01-07 06:36 AM


Originally Posted by ViperZ (Post 5534734)

Your photo sold me.

So simple and brilliant, thanks.

ViperZ 11-01-07 06:38 AM


Originally Posted by RadioFlyer (Post 5557003)
Your photo sold me.

So simple and brilliant, thanks.

Excellent! :D

dekindy 11-01-07 08:01 AM

I rode with my buddy last night who has the taillight. I had not ridden with him in the dark since last winter. He had the taillight on solid and low. Nobody objected to it being too bright and he could ride anywhere in the group that he wanted. It was as bright or brighter that any LED on solid. But at the flick of a switch he can turn it to maximum brightness and strobe/flash modes for solo riding. I stand corrected. He probably had not used it enough last year to get it adjusted. He was immediately moved to the back of the pack last year because it was too bright.

He had his lights upgraded since he had the first generation Li-ion. Did the upgrade include the taillight that added new mode options that he could now turn it down that low for group rides?

BarracksSi 11-02-07 12:51 AM

I traded pulls with a random rider a couple nights ago, and I had the light set to Low (no need for High or strobing on a dark, quiet park road) and angled down just a bit. I asked if it was too bright, and she said it was fine.

I was pretty much stuck with angling it down, though, because the seatbag would block most of the light from level and above. I went ahead and flipped the taillight so that it's now mounted upside-down, and I can now aim it straight back if I want.

Although, now that I'm thinking about it... maybe it's not such a bad idea to have the seatbag in the way, at least partially. The light would still get good distance around driver's-eye-level, but when they got closer or had to sit near me in traffic, they wouldn't suffer the direct hit anymore.

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