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uprightbent 10-28-07 09:49 AM

Headlight mounting ideas-Not on handlebar
What I'd like is something like the nice dynamo powered headlights (Busch & Meuller) mounted over the front brake with some type of adapter arm thing? Something that doesn't take up more space on the handlebar or get blocked by my handlebar bag & cables. Battery power preferred. I know Sheldon Brown had a photo of a bracket rig he made attached to the front axle which brought the light beam right down to the road level. Again something in the centerline of the frame over the front caliper seems best.

rodrigaj 10-28-07 10:33 AM

rhm 10-31-07 12:09 PM

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Here's what I did. The aluminum piece was part of a junked V-brake. It's really tough.

znomit 10-31-07 01:24 PM

My homemade LED lights are both mounted in this location.
For the MTB its a bit low(lots of shadows on the trail) but fine with a helmet light.

For the road bike it is excellent. Its nice to get things off the handlebars. You need to mount it high enough so the front tyre doesn't cast a shadow... perhaps a little higher than mine is mounted!

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