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dekindy 10-31-07 03:17 PM

Has anyone modified the L&M Vega
Has anyone modified the L&M Vega? I keep seeing reference to newer, higher output LED's that don't lower runtimes.

The self-contained unit with smart charger is great but I really want more light. I purchased a Princeton Tec Switchback 3 that I am running on the helmet with the Vega on the bars. I have a new 180 lumen flashlight ordered that I anticipate will make a great helmet light and I would move the PT SW3 to the bars. From there, should I sell the Vega or keep it for future modification? My wife may start riding again in the future and she could use it, otherwise it would just be a spare.

dekindy 11-08-07 08:44 PM

Why has Light and Motion not updated this light with all the advancements being made in LED's? It seems like they would have designed the light so that more powerful LED's could be substituted into this compact, self-contained package. I went back to and read other reviews and I now remember why I purchased it. But this thing is ancient. I have also been unable to find any discussions of modifying it with a newer LED. I wonder why because it seems like the perfect candidate. The run time should not be diminished by a newer, more efficient LED, just more light. At least that is what it appears is happening to other light upgrades.

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