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evblazer 11-01-07 05:50 PM

Adjustable helmet light mount for fenix?
I replaced my target special 80lumen headlight with a fenix L2D and found myself missing the adjustable head on the target light.
I am using a bikeblock to strap it on but that gives me one position. When I ride depending on my position in the drops and natural head angle the light is too close, too far or ok. Right now I have it in the position I ride the most but I'd like to be able to adjust it as necessary.
Anyone have a nifty level changing mount they have used or know of?

diesel_dad 11-01-07 08:41 PM

I have not solved adjustability but to aim the light, I used a synthetic wine cork, cut a wedge on an angle, and put it under the BikeBlock to get it aimed at the right height. Cost $0. Priceless.

balto charlie 11-02-07 06:37 AM

I use my old helmet mount from my Performance Viewpoint light. They might sell the helmet mnt separately. The use to. I zip tie it onto the mount. I can aim up and down easily. It does have a higher profile than I would like but less than my old light. charlie

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