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Zero_Enigma 11-04-07 03:36 PM

Any GPS's out there with adjustable odometers?
Like on my bike computer I have the feature to adjust my odometer which is very handy as I log my data nightly after my ride just in case the battery dies I still have my info logged down. So after putting in a new battery I just re-program my odometer to my last number set and I'm good to go.

Now as I'm thinking of the GPS again I would like to know if any GPS's out there can do this because one of the things I like of the GPS is I can go from one bike to another bike and the GPS works in the winter time unlike the bike computer which will freeze up.

Thanks in advance.

Zero_Enigma 11-05-07 09:44 PM


Pepper Grinder 11-06-07 04:04 AM

Pocket PC + Bluetooth GPS receiver + any of the multitude of GPS programs available.

edgell22 11-06-07 06:48 AM

GPS's are rechargeable. You don't lose your info if the battery goes dead. Just recharge it and everything is still there.

shumacher 11-06-07 07:07 AM

Slightly askew from your question, but with the Garmin Edge series, the included software does do logging, and calculates totals. Just click on "Biking" on the left pane, then click the "Totals" tab on the right pane. Also, do not make fun of my low miles. So, below, you can see that I have 120.73 miles total logged.

I like the Edge quite a bit, but maybe I need to RTFM again. I don't find the distinction between new laps and new rides clear in the interface. 10/28 to 11/3, I rode my bike to work and back all but one day. Most of these miles are laps on a ride logged the prior week. Other than that, it's been great.

edgell22 11-12-07 06:30 AM

Hold down the reset button after each ride. It doesn't erase your info. It makes the next time you hit start be a new ride instead of a new lap.

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