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George 11-04-07 06:15 PM

HRM and wireless computer
My wireless cateye gave me all kinds of different reading when I got home today and I was wondering if my HRM was causing this or is it just the nature of wireless computers. If if is my HRM that's causing this what can I do about it, besides not wearing it. I wore it before and didn't have any problems with it, I thought it could be caused by having the watch hand to close to the computer. Any thoughts or replys are appreciated.


twobikes 11-04-07 07:52 PM

What readings were fluctuating--HRM or speed?

I am not familiar with your cyclometer. I have a new Sigma BC-2006 and it uses digital packets of information to send data wirelessly. I get good, consistent readings. I lose a signal only when the contact between the strap sensors and my skin is broken or if the display unit twists a bit loose in its base from vibration. (It is removable from the base mount.) Does your unit use an analog radio signal or a digital signal?

I also have a MIO Sport HRM watch. I get very high readings when electrical contact with my skin (back of the watch) is broken.

I am not sure any of this helps you, but maybe something in it will.

George 11-04-07 08:46 PM

Thanks for the reply twobikes, it's the bicycles computer. I was getting the speed ok, but when I looked at the average it was 2mph. Also when I looked at distance it was it was 2 miles and the time was something like 10 minutes. The ride was 30 miles which it showed in the B mood, which should have been in the A mood

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