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elmo218 11-05-07 06:05 PM

Dinotte 200L-AA-S vs Ay-Up! LCP4-7
For the last few days I have been doing research after research in trying to find a light system for my road bike. After having a scary experience last week on my first early morning ride, I decided that I wanted to see the road versus just being noticed. My budget is less than $200. I have decided on two units. Unfortunately the Dinotte has more reviews than the Ay-Up!, but I was able to find some good reviews for the Ay-Up as well. This is the break down, please give me your oppion or even better your first hand expriences:
Dinotte 200L-AA-S: $169 shipped
200 lumens
Can use recharchable non proprietery AA bateries
Batteries & Charger
LED (noyt gure what type)
Single Light structure
Easly adaptable to multiple bikes
Many positive reviews
local dist - USA
2 hour battery ( lithium battery option for $80 - extended hours)
2 year warranty on all items
Ay-Up! LCP4-7 Intermediate:$189 shipped
~250 lumens
LED (Cree XRE)
Double Light structure
Some positive reviews -
International Dist - Austrailia
Not easly adaptible to multiple bike (not an issue with me right now)
10 year warranty on light & 1 year on battery
3 hr battery (6 hr for $9 more)


ggg300 11-05-07 08:04 PM

flipped4bikes 11-06-07 09:08 AM

Dinotte! Great lights, and amazing service!

mulchie 11-08-07 04:38 AM

Where are y ou Elmo? Seems like if you're in Australia you might check out the Ay-ups. If not, that's a long way to go for a light with fewer reviews. IMHO those ay-ups look more "novelty." But that might just be a design thing and their design is too "cute" for my taste. The specs look good, however so you may be on to something. My attitude: buy quality. Buy once.
Sorry to hear you got spooked on the road, but it's always a good thing when someone gets lights. I still see folks out there at dusk with nothing... and a lot of times I see them from my car which just freaks me out since I'm looking for bikes but don't always see them (and don't get me started on those walkers in dark clothes!). DiNotte for me. I've probably "sold" about 20 sets since I got mine since people stop me anytime they see my bike to say WOW. I smile, of course, and spell it out d- i .... ;-)

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