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elmo218 11-05-07 08:13 PM

Which light to buy: Dinotte 200L-AA-S vs Ay-Up! LCP4-7
Junior Member

For the last few days I have been doing research after research in trying to find a light system for my road bike. After having a scary experience last week on my first early morning ride, I decided that I wanted to see the road versus just being noticed. My budget is less than $200. I have decided on two units. Unfortunately the Dinotte has more reviews than the Ay-Up!, but I was able to find some good reviews for the Ay-Up as well. This is the break down, please give me your oppion or even better your first hand expriences: asp
Dinotte 200L-AA-S: $169 shipped
200 lumens
Can use recharchable non proprietery AA bateries
Batteries & Charger
LED (noyt gure what type)
Single Light structure
Easly adaptable to multiple bikes
Many positive reviews
local dist - USA
2 hour battery ( lithium battery option for $80 - extended hours)
2 year warranty on all items
Ay-Up! LCP4-7 Intermediate:$189 shipped
~250 lumens
LED (Cree XRE)
Double Light structure
Some positive reviews -
International Dist - Austrailia
Not easly adaptible to multiple bike (not an issue with me right now)
10 year warranty on light & 1 year on battery
3 hr battery (6 hr for $9 more)


operator 11-05-07 08:21 PM

Hehe - you just missed the Dinotte 200L sale, they were $99 :)

elmo218 11-05-07 08:23 PM

I know, that would have made it a bit easier for me.

elmo218 11-06-07 11:39 PM

e-mailed Ay-Up with questions yesterday, but I did not get an answer back as of yet. They also did not list a telephone number on their site....

Called and Dinotte with questions and got a live persons who answered all of my questions.

Dinotte 200L is on the way :o)

Bike enthusiast 11-07-07 12:02 AM

I hope you enjoy it then!!!

roy harley 11-07-07 12:09 AM

Rob is awesome from Dinotte. Call him and he can help you find the light you need. He doesn't push you to by his most expensive stuff. He wants you to get what you need. Dinotte customer service is only second to their awesome products. You won't make a mistake with any of their lights!!

elmo218 11-07-07 09:01 AM


Ay-Up! did answer my e-mail this morning and addressed all of my questions.

However, I had already pulled the triger on the Dinotte. Ay-Up's lights are nice and would probably have been brighter, wider and longer lasting battery charge than the Dinotte. However, in the end, having the ability to use my own batteries if needed (AA nihmi) was the closer for me.

Grasschopper 11-07-07 10:18 AM

I just got the Dinotte front AA and rear are they bright...great lights, I can't imagine a roadie needing if I was MTB trailriding at night maybe I want more but for a roadie IMO the Dinotte is plenty of light. I can't wait to get commuting in the dark with these babies...OMG that rear light is BRIGHT!!!

dekindy 11-09-07 07:47 AM

How did you come up with the Ay-up pricing?

ggg300 11-09-07 02:37 PM


Originally Posted by dekindy (Post 5602692)
How did you come up with the Ay-up pricing?

dunno... The light seems to sell by itself for 110...dunno what it comes with...

ggg300 11-09-07 07:28 PM

also, what about the Knog Gator 105 Rechargeable LED

200 lum, 99 bucks plus charger and 4.5 hour run time at maximum output, 6 hours on low setting

elmo218 11-10-07 11:16 PM

Hello Dekindy,

You can purchase the kit, but they were sold out of these. So I just selected each item that I needed individually. Added them all to the basket and it automatically added shipping. That is how I got the price....... By the way I got the 200L Dinotte and it will do just fine for my road cycling.

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