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fatchance 11-06-07 09:19 AM

Cygolite TridenX vs. Dual Cross Pro?

I'm going to buy one of these LED lights in Li-Ion form, just not sure which yet. The TridenX has three bulbs, an aluminum housing, and a shorter battery life on high (2.5 hrs). The Dual Cross Pro has two bulbs, a plastic housing, and longer battery life on high (3.5 hrs).

Are those the main differences? I can't find much in the way of specs (lumens output, etc). The TridenX is supposed to rival HID in brightness. How does the Dual Cross Pro compare to the TridenX in brightness? I will mostly be using the light for commuting but will also use it for some mountain bike rides.

Note - I already have a Dinotte 200L that I will probably put on my helmet when running two lights. It's bright but I would like something a little brighter for commuting.


KingTermite 11-06-07 11:15 AM

I just got the Dualcross Li-Ion (not the Pro, just Dualcross Li-Ion which is same as Dualcross 300 with Li-Ion battery). I'm quite happy with it. Great runtime and very bright.

Now...for the price differences between the Dualcross Pro and the Trident, you could almost get 2 Dualcross pro lights (one on each side of handlebar) for the a little more.

Or...that's a bit more, but if you got two Dualcross Li-Ion like I got (for just <$200 each), you could definitely have supreme lighting for barely more than the cost of the Trident (~$350).

Blade-Runner 11-06-07 12:24 PM

You can get a new TridentX with Li-Ion batt. on Ebay for $229.99

Blade-Runner 11-06-07 01:04 PM

Also the output for the TridentX is 500 lumens, where the Dual Cross Pro will be more around 200-300 (med/low setting for the TridentX).

fatchance 11-06-07 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by Blade-Runner (Post 5585480)
Also the output for the TridentX is 500 lumens, where the Dual Cross Pro will be more around 200-300 (med/low setting for the TridentX).

Thanks. The pictures on show a broad, bright spread of light for the TridenX, definitely broader coverage than with the Dual Cross Pro. I guess I'm just wondering whether the TridenX will throw too much light across the road, blind drivers in the other lane, etc. I'm all for having bright lights, but I don't want to blind drivers, either. Is the TridenX more suited for riding in the woods, and the Dual Cross Pro better for the road? Opinions welcome :-)

BTW, there are good ebay deals on both lights right now from the same seller.

Blade-Runner 11-06-07 01:33 PM

Mine will be here on Thrusday, I can let you know more after then.

Just like the lights on your car you can dim the light when the time calls for it.

I bought this light so I would have more light/road coverage while road biking, but I will use it for MTB as well.


Originally Posted by fatchance (Post 5585583)
BTW, there are good ebay deals on both lights right now from the same seller.

Yes, very true, I couldn't pass up the deal.

chuongdoan 11-07-07 12:57 PM

So has anyone actually seen the output from this TridenX???

Blade-Runner 11-07-07 02:00 PM

Hopefully I will tomorrow night.

fatchance 11-08-07 10:15 PM


Originally Posted by Blade-Runner (Post 5591995)
Hopefully I will tomorrow night.

How is it man?? Give us the scoop! :D

Blade-Runner 11-09-07 10:37 AM

LOL, I was going to take pics tonight during my MTB night ride and what not.

But here is the info from my road bike ride last night. I ride inside my local state park, no street lights, little to no traffic on a two lane road. The first thing I noticed is it has a nice wide beam, it fills the whole road way and some of the shoulders. This light puts out 3 times the light of my MiNewt.X2, I ran the light on high for the whole ride (2hrs 15 mins) and there was no sign the battery was going low on power. The bike mount is works great & holds strong however, the helmet mount looks cheap (will try it tonight). I am very happy so far with this light.

chuongdoan 11-12-07 02:19 PM

Is it as bright as a HID?

Gojohnnygo. 12-28-07 12:02 PM


Originally Posted by chuongdoan (Post 5620932)
Is it as bright as a HID?

Yea we want pics?:)

mimis 12-28-07 03:29 PM

triden x for 250$ on ebay! i'm tempted allright, problem is i've recently upgraded my dualcross with Cree's(estim. 350 lumens).. Anybody knows what kind of emitters the triden-x uses (claimed 500 lms)?

maximushq2 12-29-07 06:04 AM

Even though I have no need for another light after my latest purchase, I still would like to see pics of this light. I have an ancient cygolite 30 watt halogen setup around that still works ten years after I bought it. I hope the newer Cygolite lights can hold up that long.

randomint 01-01-08 02:56 PM

I recently bought the TridenX on eBay. I do not have a HID or Dual Cross Pro, so I'm not sure how they compare.

I do have a cateye EL520, so here are some pictures I took. I hope they at least give you some idea how bright it is. These pictures are actually slightly darker than the true brightness. I took some pictures with 4sec exposure, but they were a little blurry for I didn't have a tripod with me.

Camera settings:
f/2.8 ... 2sec exposure

I was standing roughly 10 metres from the tree.

CatEye EL520 - HIGH:

CatEye EL520 - LOW:

Cygolite TridenX - HIGH:

Cygolite TridenX - MED HIGH:

Cygolite TridenX - MED LOW:

Cygolite TridenX - LOW:

Cygolite TridenX - WALKING:

maximushq2 01-02-08 01:08 AM

Thanks randomint and nice job with the pics. The TridenX beam looks pretty decent.

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