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Sir Bikesalot 11-08-07 05:00 PM

Speaking of new LED light champions
Here's another contender (discovered while lurking at

4-LED 1000 lumen light for 269 BPs (British pounds).

Available here:

Is the US falling behind? It seems most of the newest LED lights are coming out of Europe these days.

slvoid 11-08-07 05:22 PM

Nice! Frosted lens??

Sir Bikesalot 11-08-07 06:05 PM

Probably to obtain wider beam angles; here's one of their previous products (the Epic at 300-400 lumens):

Sir Bikesalot 11-08-07 06:09 PM

Here's a photo from one of the members at Strange, it doesn't look frosted in this one.

aliensporebomb 11-08-07 11:33 PM

Looks very nice. Similar to the Wilma actually.

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