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kchunks 11-10-07 11:06 AM

What to do with christmas light battery pack?
I purchased some LED Christmas lights with the intent of wrapping them on my bike (but not until after Thanksgiving). My question is what should I do with the battery pack? I could use some zip ties and secure it under the seat and call that good. I could put it in a plastic bag before hand to protect it. I could also throw it in my seat bag. I am a commuter and primarily use panniers so I have an available seat pack. The only downfall to that is that I would be leaving the seat pack on my bike while it is locked up at school for several hours. Of course, these lights say for indoor use only if that gives you some idea of the battery pack. Any suggestions are appreciated.

n4zou 11-11-07 11:14 AM

If you have a Radio Shack close and they still carry parts…. Purchase a matching set of connectors, cut the wire between the battery pack and first LED, install the connectors being careful to make sure not to reverse the wires through the connectors. Now you can disconnect and remove the battery pack and take it with you leaving the LED's on the bike.

flipped4bikes 11-12-07 07:38 AM

I ended up putting mine in my saddlebag. Tight fit, but works great! I got a second set for this year (can't have enough Christmas Spirit to offset Road Rage) and that's going to go in my Tail Rider. Jeez, now I got to get more AA rechargeables!

I bring my bike inside to work. Leaving your bike outside, zip tie the pack to the bike, and use cheap batteries.

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