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maximushq2 11-10-07 08:46 PM

My bike light pics
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Took a couple pics tonight. I was inspired by ViperZ and some others after seeing their cool pics. The bar has two NR HIDs and the helmet that I set on the seat has a Lupine Wilma 6 on it. The rear is a PB superflash. Note: I have two more decent led rear lights that I attach to my camelback pack that aren't shown here. I am going to take some more pics with a tripod to remove the blurriness next time.

paulwwalters 11-10-07 10:35 PM

That's awesome! I want to get a better front light sometime, and some more superflashes for the back.

chtorr 11-11-07 04:26 AM

Very nice. Is that a storage building that you use for bikes? I have something similar, though smaller. I bought a 12' x 18' storage building for my bikes last year, and ran power to it for flourescent lighting and a few outlets, and built a work bench and a place to store tools. Between my wife's bikes and mine, I wouldn't have wanted any less space (I don't have a garage).

maximushq2 11-11-07 06:58 AM

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Thanks and yes that is a storage building for the bikes and lawnmower etc. No power yet to the building, but will get to it soon I hope. The dog shows a strong interest in my Wilma light so now I make sure not to put it anywhere he can get to it as he has already eaten shoes, walls, etc. I am kicking myself for missing out on that Dinotte tail light sale. I hope they do another one sometime soon. The final pic is one with only the 3 little LEDs on that are on the underside of one of My Niterider HIDs along with one PB superflash.

ovrrdrive 11-11-07 07:39 AM

Wow, that's some nice light. How many total lumens are you putting to the ground?

maximushq2 11-11-07 07:58 AM


Originally Posted by ovrrdrive (Post 5613167)
Wow, that's some nice light. How many total lumens are you putting to the ground?

Well I am not really sure what the NR HIDs put out, but I think it is somewhere between 500-550 lumens each and the Lupine Wilma is 830. So combined the 2 HIDs and one Wilma should be somewhere near 1,830 or maybe 1,930 lumens. It's enough to see where I am going for sure.

ViperZ 11-11-07 08:44 AM

Awesome! The Wilma on the helmet would be incredible for trail riding :eek:

maximushq2 11-12-07 04:05 PM

Thanks ViperZ. The Wilma makes a nice helmet light as it is very light weight and plenty of light. The Wilma has all I need for a helmet light so I am happy with it. Maybe next year I will go all LED if I can find the ultimate bar light to replace my two NR HIDs. But for now I just ride and enjoy.

ViperZ 11-12-07 07:12 PM

I went with the Dual Dinotte XLS Extreme primarily for this reason. It will allow me to attach both heads on the bar, or one on the bar, one on the helmet.

The Wilma is a sweet light!

maximushq2 11-13-07 06:26 AM

Did you get two standard 600L lights or one wide and one standard? Dinottes are awesome lights too and I wondered what would work best as far as the wide and standard lens.

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