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Kittydew 11-12-07 08:56 PM

Wind/mag/liquid trainers
OK, I am sorry if there's been a long thread on this in the past. I did a search and found nothing. I also hope this is the right place to post this. Admins, feel free to move if it's not.

I am looking into Wind/mag/liquid trainer... I am training up for my first Century, and think getting a trainer will help when I only have time late at night... and to be more accurate with interval training. So....

Any suggestions? Wind, Magnetic, Liquid, what's the difference? Brands you like? I want to keep it in the $100-$300 range as it'll be a present (hopefully! :D) and I don't want to break the bank.

Thanks in advance!

Giro 11-12-07 11:29 PM

Search "Kurt Kinetic" or "1UP" on these forums. "Kurt Kinetic" hits 142 threads in last year with over 12 relevant threads by the second page when I stopped counting.

Kittydew 11-16-07 10:09 AM

Thanks Giro, will do!:)

jsharr 11-16-07 10:20 AM

I did not ride a wind trainer when I was shopping. Rode Fluid and Mag units by Cyclops. Ended up with a Cyclops Mag + to save a bit of money and wish I would have gone with a Fluid now. Probably going to send the resistance unit in to exchange. The magnetic lets you set a level of resistance, but is not as realistic feeling as the fluid trainers.

Also, see if they have a trainer you can take home and ride at your place to make sure that it is not too noisy. What sounded quiet in the LBS sounds loud in my den when the kids are sleeping. I have to make sure not to ride too hard on the trainer as the harder you ride, the louder it gets.

Hope this helps some.

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