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BikeToWork 11-13-07 08:52 PM

Superflash Switch Problems
I really like my Planet Bike Superflash but every time after I ride in the rain, the switch quits working properly and I cannot change modes. In other words, when I insert the batteries, it starts blinking and I cannot turn it off or change it to steady mode with the switch. The gasket and mating surfaces for the gasket are fine, it just seems like a design flaw. I could definitely weatherproof it with silicone caulk but then I wouldn't be able to access the batteries. Has anyone else run across this problem?

edzo 11-15-07 07:24 PM

you can get some telephone switch silicone and squirt
some into the microswitch assembly.

this stuff doesn't harden. it is used in telephone jacks near pools and
in humid basements so they don't corrode or collect moisture.

that will work great. dry your light out, squirt the goop in, done.

Michel Gagnon 11-15-07 09:45 PM

I wrap electrical tape tightly around the seam. Problem solved.

Wished it were watertight, though.

Ziemas 11-16-07 02:40 AM

Why don't you try contacting Planet Bike before you do anything to your light? They have excellent customer service and should take care of the problem.

ViperZ 11-16-07 06:09 AM

I would do as Ziemas stated and contact Planet Bike. They have great customer service.

FWIW... I accidentally put mt Super Flash through the washing machine in my jacket pocket. When I took the jacket out of the wash the SF was illuminated. I opened it up and it was very little moisture in the casing so I would think it is pretty water proof. It works 100% to this day.
The jacket as I hung it up.. I had to take a picture :)
The insides

K6-III 11-16-07 03:22 PM

I had a similar issue with my Superflash after a torrential downpour. It worked fine after drying out. Regular rain does not affect it. My Cateye LD1000, however, was not affected by the downpour.

teiaperigosa 11-17-07 11:26 AM

I've had this same exact problem...

edzo and Gagnon, thanks for the tips

cerewa 11-17-07 12:34 PM

anybody know where I can buy some of that silicone caulk stuff?

BikeToWork 11-17-07 04:40 PM

Edzo, thanks for the tip. Do you mean your typical garden variety silicone that is sold in tubes at Home Despot? I googled telephone switch silicone and nothing came up.

biker222 11-24-07 07:50 PM

My SF has a gasket on one of the halves. Did the older units not have gaskets ?

LWaB 11-24-07 08:59 PM

I've had similar problems when in rain (British, not torrential) for several/many hours with several editions of the previous model (identical case/seal). The gasket isn't up for much. Amalgamating tape seals OK, insulating tape wasn't good enough in my experience. All of that is a pain when changing batteries, why can't they just get it right? I gave up on the lights in the end and went for another manufacturer's lights.

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