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slvoid 11-13-07 11:06 PM

Who wants a niterider 19-LED tail light?

Comes with an 8AA battery pack (wire long enough to stuff into saddle pack) and "quick release" (I just replaced the screw with a thumb nut and screw).
Brightness is the same as the planetbike superspot but the viewing angle is about 2x.
Take it if you really need it.

urban_assault 11-13-07 11:15 PM

sure, what's the catch?

diff_lock2 11-14-07 05:15 AM

you pay shipping thats what. My only prob is the batt pack, thats huge, 8 AAs.

ovrrdrive 11-14-07 05:41 AM

8AA's equals 12V... I wonder if you could find a smaller 12V camera battery and rig a holder for it and cut down the size. Surely with all the lights being LED it would still run for a while with a smaller battery...

BikeToWork 11-14-07 04:17 PM

I'll take it if it is still available. I already have a 12v battery I can connect it to.

diff_lock2 11-14-07 04:36 PM

8 nimh cells 9.6v, just saying. Some lights say use ONLY nimh cells. I think dinote says that.

slvoid 11-14-07 05:19 PM

It depends. 8AA rechargeables is 9.6V. 8AA regular batt's are 12V. 8AA lithiums are 13.6V

It can in theory work off a 9V. Here's what I managed to measure off the thing: Volts vs current.


A 9V's around a quarter amp, so it might power it for 4 hours or so but it wont be so bright. It's really brightest around 12.

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