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nila 03-18-08 10:38 PM

Bike Computer - Advice
Hey :)

Looking to buy a computer for my bike.
I want one with a backlight as my rides are all going to start being in the dark alot more now when the clocks change.
I quite fancy one that also tells you calories burnt even though thats not essential (got a gut I wouldn't mind shifting!)
I also want one that shows me quite a bit of info onscreen at a time so I dont have to constantly flip between info or just stick to seeing one thing.

I've been looking at the Cateye HR200 Dual Wireless one which I've spotted for $89.99

Anyone got any experience with this - is it a good one?
Any suggestions of any better ones or seen anywhere they sell them cheaper?

Pretty open to comments.

Thanks guys :)

jan12 03-20-08 06:50 PM

I haven't had any experience on the one you mentioned, but have got two Cateye cycle computers these days, one for my father, one for myself. both works well. I recommend the one i own - Cateye CC-RD300W, it's on sale now, only $32 instead of $60

I am very satisfied with this product, little and compact, very easy to read it and to scroll from differents screens just one click of the "screen" (Hide button.)

dekindy 03-21-08 06:01 PM

I recommend a helmet mounted light because I like to see where I am looking, not the direction the handlebars are pointed. If you have both, then you will have a helmet light anyway.

You will be able to see your computer with a helmet light. Then you can select the computer based upon other criteria since specifying a backlight narrows your choices considerably. The battery will last a lot longer if it is not powering a backlight.

Just my two cents. I previously had the same dilemma and was thinking of the same solution. That was because I was following the conventional wisdom that if you only had one light it should be a bar mounted light. Now that I have experienced a helmet light, if I could only have one it would be a helmet mounted one.

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