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steve2k 04-10-08 03:39 AM

maps for PDA GPS
I've just got a new phone, an HTC Tytn II, which is a PDA/phone with an inbuilt GPS. I installed google maps and when at home the GPS shows me where I am and the wi-fi connection allows google maps to download the maps it needs.

However, I realise that when I'm out and about google needs a data connection to the internet to download the maps as you go. This could prove costly if I use it alot, especially abroad.

So, I'm looking for some maps that I can store on the PDA that will work with the GPS and allow me to see where I am and track my rides without having to be connected to the internet.

I tried a google search, but realise I'm ignorant in the basic terms that will help me search better, so I thought I'd come here.

What I'm looking for is something like an OS map that can have my gps position and route superimposed over it. I don't really need TomTom like driving instructions (I have one of these in the car), I'd rather have a better view of the terrain, contour lines etc. for when I venture off road. I live in England so would like maps of the UK and of France.

Does anyone know of a system like this, or does anyone know of useful search terms I could use?

Many thanks,

feartec 04-10-08 04:07 AM

That was one reason I gave up on the newest Garmin mapping models. They don't tailor ww.

rmac 04-10-08 08:11 PM

Try Run.GPS. You can import routes like a Garmin using GPX format. The maps for a route can be downloaded when connected and used later. The maps currently are free but this may change in the future. The firm is from Germany but I'm not sure of the availability of European maps. I've just used US maps. Of course it doesn't have cadence and heart rate.

The free maps are from OpenStreetMaps. Looks like there are detailed maps of England but only major roads of France. Googlemaps can be downloaded and used but must be calibrated. OpenStreetMaps do not need to be calibrated.

RayB 04-11-08 06:19 AM

I use the same model phone and stumbled across GPS Tuner for this exact purpose. I have found it to be perfect for what I need.

You can export/import your own maps that you create with their desktop application that downloads from google maps to store onto your pda with loads of other features. Try out the demo.

steve2k 04-11-08 07:52 AM

Thanks guys, both of those tools look good, I'll download the demos and try them out.

RayB, do you attach your phone to your handlebars when out riding? If so what's the best way you've found to do this? I want to have the phone where I can see it as I cycle along but am quite keen not to destroy it by it falling off the bars.


RayB 04-11-08 08:47 AM

Sure do,

I use the krusell line of products. Have a case for the phone that uses a kind of quick release approach to hooking up to a mount on the handle bars. Bought one for each of my bikes. You can find everything here.

Bought mine from a reseller on ebay.

steve2k 04-11-08 10:02 AM

Thanks RayB, I'll look into this

Karlgw 08-11-08 10:21 AM

There's a petition asking Google to add cycling as an option (as well as driving or walking) to their 'get directions' feature on GoogleMaps if anyone wishes to sign. Details here:

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