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PaginaVilot 04-12-08 01:27 AM

New Sigma computer slow response?
I just bought a new Sigma Wireless BC1606L.. It's brand new.. and I even tried brand new batteries as well. Everything works fine, but the response is kind of slow, on the actual receiver. If I spin my wheel for a little while, and stop it.. the actual computer won't go to 0 mph until about 20 seconds after I stopped.

I'm not sure if this is the way it should be, or if I've set it up wrong? I've rechecked everything in the manual.. but it's just not responding as quickly as I want it to.

The only reason why I bought this is because I wanted the backlight function. My 6 year old cateye cordless 2 computer worked fine, and it responded much quicker.

Any suggestions?

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