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spiritrider 07-21-08 10:11 PM

Flightdeck "dead" after changing battery -
have read and re-read manual, visited Shimano website, but cannot find a solution. I hope some one can help me. Love my Flightdeck, which has been reliable for some time. Recently, cadence, speed, and gear bar would disappear during a ride, then would suddenly reappear magically. I thought the problem might be a failing battery, so I replaced the battery, even though the "low-battery" indicator had not come on. Now, I have a blank screen. I've tried placing the unit on the bracket, pushed the start/stop button, ridden around the block, put the old battery back in. Can someone tell me how to "initialize" the unit? Any ideas about the source of the original malfunction that led me to change the battery? I am both frustrated and stumped.

Nachoman 07-22-08 05:36 PM

Try the reset button on the back.

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