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Scorer75 07-25-08 10:47 AM

Ipod Shuffle without iTunes???
Can I use the shuffle without itunes?

I'd like it to appear on my computer (PC) like a removable drive that I can load music on.

Can this be done? Is it difficult/complicated? Links?

dspaff088 07-25-08 12:09 PM

yes you can load music on to the ipod as just a drive...

but you wont be able to play that music, it will just be stored there.

In conclusion. no, you need itunes.

Greg_R 07-25-08 12:24 PM

Completely incorrect... there are multiple 3rd party programs that you can use for ipod management & uploads. Here's a good read or you could Google 'itunes alternatives'

PearlJamNoCode 07-25-08 12:56 PM

Best one I've tried

tomgerst 07-25-08 03:40 PM

I used Xilisoft iPod Rip, works like a champ

bryce_atx 07-25-08 04:25 PM

I use floola instead of iTunes and it's been working just great. Try 'em all.

Scorer75 07-31-08 08:24 AM

Thanks guys.

HawkOwl 08-04-08 05:12 PM

The one I use is XPlay. Works on all iPods and is SIMPLE, which is a good thing.

pinkpowa 08-04-08 05:45 PM

I flashed my nano to Rockbox and couldn't be happier!

squidroadie 08-04-08 06:40 PM

Senuti is another good program. Just type the name in to google and it'll pop right up.

cal_gundert05 08-04-08 09:42 PM

That's funny you should ask, because I JUST did this with my first generation iPod shuffle.

I downloaded the zip file here, which includes a Python script. Set your iPod to be used as a disk drive, with all the space for files. Put the music you want into the drive, run the script, which searches the drive for songs and makes a database, dismount the drive, and play. Shuffle and standard modes still work.


mashd rotations 08-08-08 10:27 AM

so did you steal it or find it :P

jimisnowhere 08-08-08 12:21 PM

Just curious, what's wrong with Itunes?

Ryan_M 08-09-08 04:35 PM

I'm not a fan of itunes either, it's forever corrupting itself on my wifes computer. It's more stable on my computers (I run a pretty tight ship) but it's still not 100%. It's really just an all 'round PITA. I'm not a fan of apple software and the mp4's are a bit of a scam IMO, but that's getting OT.

I really like the idea of accessing my ipod like a drive, I'll have to check out the alternatives!

n4zou 08-10-08 07:29 AM

Ubuntu now supports iPod. Ubuntu is available as a free download here.
If you don't want to mess around with your hard drive ubuntu will load on a 4-gig (or larger) flash drive. Instead of allowing windoze to boot just plug in the flash drive and boot the computer using ubuntu. When you plug in your iPod it will automatically show up as a drive. Here is detailed information about using your iPod with ubuntu.

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