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cod.peace 07-25-08 09:04 PM

Lightman Xenon Strobe vs. LEDs
Most people here recommend the Planet Bike Superflash for a rear red blinkie (blinky?). I am planning on a 12V halogen headlight system (for maximum bang-for-buck and DIY fun) and the Lightman red xenon strobe is convenient since it takes 12V and that means I only need 1 main battery. I am considering the xenon along with a 12V LED steady light.

I have searched the forum(s) but haven't found many comments directly comparing the 12V red xenon strobe to the newer LEDs such as the Cateye TLD-1000 and PB Superflash. Are the LEDs worth the hassle of a 2nd battery (or a voltage converter) over the old-fashioned xenon strobe?

mechBgon 07-25-08 09:57 PM

The SuperFlash and LD1100 use internal batteries, so they're self-contained. The SuperFlash is also pretty lightweight. If you want a second taillight for extra visibility and fault-tolerance if the strobe dies or runs out of power, then the LED would be worth having. The LED lights are pretty directional, so double-check the aim so that the "hot spot" of the beam is aimed into overtaking traffic, not down or up.

KLW2 07-26-08 07:15 PM

I use a 12 volt xenon yellow strobe on the rear rack and a SuperFlash on the helmet..people say both are really bright from a distance. One comment was the strobe was great and the helmet SuperFlash made me more visible in traffic because it was up high..the combination was better than anything they had seen...

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