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tdister 07-30-08 01:25 AM

Minewt X2 single vs dual
Picked up a new(effectively)/used Minewt X2 Single to compliment my X2 Dual.

Either of the Dual's lamps are "whiter" than the Single's lamp, noticeably so. The Dual's color is more "true", it has a bit more yellow and really looks like daylight compared to the slightly bluish Single. Newer LED's mid run? I would say the dual is brighter per lamp too, but color can really throw off your judgment.

Dual doesn't like the Single's battery (have to unplug and restart sometimes and the strobe is inconsistent) but the Single runs fine off the Dual's. Color and output stays the same with either battery. Was hoping to have a spare battery to carry around when running the dual. Brightness doesn't change with battery.

I didn't expect the differences.

dekindy 07-31-08 06:48 AM

Unless it has changed since last winter, the exact same battery is used for the single and dual which is why the dual's run times are half that of the single. The dual definitely needs a larger battery.

tdister 07-31-08 08:16 AM

It sure looks the exact same. The problem is that it won't always turn on the lamps (~1 out of 10 trieds it works normally for one round). Hit the power button and it turns blue as normal and the blue indicator LEDs in the lamps turn on, but no beam. If I R&R he connection, it will sometimes work again until switched off.

Just playing with it again, it seems to be fine with going to High from Strobe, but not high from Off as is normal. For those unfamiliar, normally, one quick push of the button turns from Off, Low or Strobe settings to high. A quick push from High gets low beam.

Holding button for second turns it Off. If you were to hold it down for 2-3 seconds instead, it will go to strobe.

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