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lewie 07-30-08 05:47 AM

i was looking to buy a garmin edge and was planning on taking a trip to new zealand and australlia with it. does anyone know if the gps unit will work over there or is the gps part of it just gonna work in the us?

znomit 07-30-08 05:50 AM

g = global

You might need maps for down here but it will work regardless.

supcom 07-30-08 07:09 AM

Your GPS will work anywhere you can ride a bike. Below the equator you will, of course, need to turn the display upside down.;)

biffstephens 07-30-08 07:22 AM

The GPS will work so you will get all your data, speed and whatnot. If you have a GPS with maps then you will need the map for the area you are in. Any GPS should work anywhere in the world.

johnny99 07-31-08 09:36 AM

GPS was designed by the US military, so it will work anywhere that the US might want to invade some day. If your GPS has street maps, you will probably need to buy maps for each country individually.

Oroluk Lagoon 07-31-08 08:15 PM

After the military, the next big user of GPS units were world cruising sailboats (see my avatar). During the first Gulf War sailboats began using GPS units to cruise every conceivable body of water on the globe. Back then, a unit that simply gave you latitude and longitude cost over $1,000 USD. Garmin/MapSource sells a wide variety of electronic charts and maps for downloading to their GPS units. I'm sure you will be to find something for both Godzone (NZ) and Aus that will download to an Edge. Great people down'll love it.

znomit 08-01-08 04:50 AM

Free NZ GPS maps here.

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