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JinbaIttai 08-02-08 10:48 PM

I just ordered 3 lights--Romisen, Fenix, PBSF...
I spent many hours researching all the latest discounted $100-120 range MR11 lights, like the Blackburn x8, Cygolight Nitro 200, Light and Motion Solo, Marwi Nightpro Kamikaze, etc.

I wasn't willing to cough up the cash to upgrade to a MR16 type bulb setup, and didn't want to go DIY.

I ended up ordering flashlights!

I ordered a Romisen RC-T5 ($48) to mount to the handlebars with Twofish lockblocks/bikeblock ($15). I will also have my Fenix L2d Q5 ($62) mounted to the handlebar for backup light or a flasher.

For the back I ordered a PlanetBike Superflash ($18).

I'll be commuting to work during 3rd shift down a road without streetlights into an industrial complex, and sometimes through commercial district traffic during daytime rush hour. It will be a 30-45 minute commute, with plenty of time in between for recharges.

Hopefully this will be enough light at about $140!

Anyone know a good Lithium rechargable solution for the Romisen? I'd rather not take it apart and wire up a battery pack.

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