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JOHN J 08-11-08 11:12 AM

anyone use Batt fill lights with dyno lights?
HELLO Again,

Im wondering if any of you use battery lights to fill in the black hole that many dynamo lights produce , due to the focused optics??

My reason for looking at The supernova E3 is the fact that the symetrical beam is plenty bright and spills enough light that the space from the front wheel to top end of the beam is lit. NO BLACK HOLE .

I have a inoled 20+ and yes there is the black hole between my front tire and the focused beam unless its aimed very low .

but when on the back roads and the MUP at night with the light aimed out for a faster ride Ive hit debri and potholes cuz I lost them after they passed through the beam cutoff

also some small hazards like tacks, screws ... I wont notice way up in the focused beam and cant see at all after it passes through.

I know a battery fill in light could be an easy fix or yes a 2 light set up (which second light?) , but I was trying to simplify things by using a dyno hub and didnt want to factor in battery lights except as backup..

Your thoughts please


znomit 08-11-08 06:42 PM

Thats a pretty poor lighting solution if it needs another light to fill in. I'm homebrew and get a nice smooth beam with heaps of spill in front.
Mounting the light lower should reduce the size of the home. Fork braze on maybe but you'll get wheel shadows.
I know Peter White has an el400 on his page to fill in the hole. The 410 isn't especially bright so any higher end blinky should do(a good idea for dynamo lights regardless).
You could possibly wire up a homebrew light off the tail light connection if the 20+ has one.

Michel Gagnon 08-11-08 09:29 PM

Have you looked at Peter White's headlights page ?
I still have a Schmidt E-6 on my tandem and currently have a Lumotec IQ Fly on my single bike, and I consider the zone immediately close to the bike to be a grey zone rather than a dark zone.

That being said, I use a supplementary battery headlight, but mostly as a backup, standlight (the E-6 has no standlight provision) and repair light. The flash mode is also useful in heavily lit business districts. The light I use is the Planet Bike 1/2 W Blaze which has a fairly compact beam.

With the E-6, I keep the light on most of the time, except for rural drives where I won't need the standlight. With the IQ Fly, it's off most of the time. Is it useful ? I found it essential the last time I had to fix a flat at night in total darkness. And because if's a mere supplementary light, I recharge the batteries every 1-2 months.

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