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dekindy 08-22-08 09:27 AM

Lightweights Power Reflectors
Anybody use these? What material are they made of? How do they attach to the wheels?

yeamac 08-22-08 09:47 PM

Don't know anything about them, but I wonder (1) how secure they are and (2) what they look like on your wheels during daylight hours.

They are also pretty pricey at $13/set + shipping. The one photo shows 3 sets which would be $39 + shipping.

Another alternative might be to pick up some reflective tape on ebay and put them on your rims. I picked up some black tape so it is not noticeable during the day (black rims), but lights up white at night. Very secure, won't come flying off the wheel. And pretty cheap, too @ $4.25 shipped from ebay.

bmorey 08-23-08 04:11 AM

Or when your replace your tires get ones with relfective sidewalls. The Schwalbes on the previous bike were good like this.

Wheel reflectors, made of orange plastic, are mandatory on all new bikes sold in Australia. I take 'em off immediately -- there's nothing says 'not serious' or 'newby' like wheel reflectors. What the situation in the US? - example of reflectors.

trekker pete 08-23-08 05:41 AM


Originally Posted by bmorey (Post 7327449)
-- there's nothing says 'not serious' or 'newby' like wheel reflectors.

Is that why "serious" cyclists laugh at me? I thought it was because I refuse to wear those metrosexual looking technicolor shirts.

brokenknee 08-23-08 06:55 AM

laws very from state to state. the above link is what they are in Minnesota.

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