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steve-in-kville 08-23-08 06:30 PM

Best way to mount Streamlight Stinger to my bike??
I have a few off these flashlights plus extra batteries. Can anyone recommend a mount for these lights?

Speedball 08-23-08 07:32 PM

Check into Twofish Lockblocks, I believe that's the name for them. Velcro straps, very effective and very cheap.

varuscelli 08-23-08 07:57 PM

You can probably use the TwoFish Lockblocks since the Stinger is not an overly large flashlight (check with in their Biker's Corner section).

Another option is the TwoFish Cycle Block (formerly called a Cycloblock). Those are a heavier-duty version of Lockblocks (I think with heavier straps but the same size block). You might check this thread that I posted last year for more info and a source.

TwoFish Cycloblocks and Cycle Blocks (Info)

Check out the BoomerDircect link for Cycle Blocks. And maybe someone else can suggest a source as well.

bicycleflyer 08-23-08 10:19 PM

The twofish blocks are a good choice ...

In addition, go to this link..

That website illustrates other commercial mounts and instructions on how to make a homemade one utilizing conduit clamps.

A company called "Velo-Orange" also sells some flashlight holders.

A brand of flashlight called "fenix" also has a mount designed for their flashlights. I don't know what the stingers dimensions are, but if it is similar to the fenix, then it is a nice looking mount you may wish to look in to. You can get them from

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