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SaddleBags 08-26-08 08:26 AM

Dinotte Upgrade Option
I have an older 5W Dinotte light and want to upgrade to the new generation 200 series (AA).
Has anyone bought the Dinotte upgrade package where you send in your old light and they replace it with the newer 200 series using your existing cylinder? Any issues experienced with this upgrade option?

Speedball 08-26-08 04:00 PM

I've not any experience with that but knowing the quality of their products I would trust their skills.

Skyler_WA 08-26-08 10:28 PM

I did the 5W to 200L upgrade last October and it worked great. Mailed it in and got it back a couple weeks later with new guts and a much brighter light!

Are you thinking about buying anything else at the same time, like maybe a taillight? If so, call and talk to Rob about what you want. I know from experience that he may offer you a good deal on a combination purchase.

bicycleflyer 08-26-08 11:00 PM

I did that last year and at the same time worked out a combo deal on the tail light too. There was a noticeable difference in light quality.

This year I went ahead and made the plunge for the new 400L. I really like this light and the Li-Ion batteries are nice too. I will soon be selling 200L headlamp. But I am keeping the tail light...That thing is awesome!

My suggestion to you is to skip the 200 and talk to Rob about a trade in for the 400L. If you want a second lamp like the tail light, then maybe you can work out a combo deal as suggested above.

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