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TexasBubba 09-01-08 02:55 PM

Garmin Edge Virtual Partner
I did a search and read a bunch of posts about how you guys are using the virtual partner, but I'm still unsure as to what it exactly is. Is it your last or best run on a route? Is it something the Garmin comes up with just to push you in your training?

rfomenko 09-01-08 09:21 PM

Actually, I was just planning to start a thread like this today but you beat me to in TexasBubba :)
I also did some search about Virtual Partner on this forum & visited too with a same result. The main question I still have is if there are compatible regular cyclocomputers with "personal training assistants" available (i.e. the ones without GPS & less expensive). Can someone recommend any?

TexasBubba 09-01-08 09:41 PM

Jump over to the Road Cycling forum... after a while with very little hits, I reposted over there. I got some responses on that one... not specifically to your question, so you might want to repost over there too.

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