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Yan 09-03-08 08:05 PM batteries are crap.
I've bought two pairs of Trustfire protected 18650 batteries from them in the past month, and both times one of the two batteries wouldn't charge.

Are there any other cheap places to get these batteries?

tstartrekdude 09-03-08 08:33 PM

"protected" is the word that is the root of your problem, if you take off the protection circuit you will have 2 good batteries, as for other cheep batteries i don't know, i have never had a reason not to use DX.

Yan 09-03-08 08:41 PM

That's a pretty lame excuse for lack-of-quality.

Ziemas 09-04-08 08:41 AM

Do you want cheap or good?

slvoid 09-04-08 06:24 PM

Going to deal extreme for quality products is like going to mcdonalds for steak.

Yan 09-04-08 07:49 PM


I drained one of the non charging batteries during the commute home today and tried charging it again. It works now. The same procedure did not work on the other defective battery I got.

daredevil 09-04-08 09:56 PM


Originally Posted by slvoid (Post 7403111)
Going to deal extreme for quality products is like going to mcdonalds for steak.

No kidding? So this UltraFire WF-606A Cree Q5-WC 230-Lumen LED Flashlight I'm waiting on is going to be a disappointment? No biggie if that's what happens. It was only 23 bucks.

slvoid 09-04-08 10:43 PM

It'll probably be fine for day to day use as long as you don't abuse it. Think of them as tools. A 300 piece set of Husky's for $60 is probably good enough for most people who don't want to spend thousands on a set of snap on's.

But if I were in a situation that depended on me having reliable lighting, I'd probably stick to my novatac or surefire lights. The build quality, reliability, and interface is probably going to be on the low side with most lights from DX. Then again, no one's ever died from eating mcdonalds either.

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