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Highcyclist 09-07-08 12:07 PM

Has anyone used both the Minewt and the Dinotte 200L?
I've been using the Minewt for awhile, but I've always been bothered by the 'Low' setting (92 lumens?) seeming too bright. I feel that I'm blinding peds on the MUP (I do hear the occasional comment as I ride by). I never use the strobe setting, because it's absolutely blinding, in a way which might induce an epileptic fit. Apparently, the lowest setting on the Dinotte is 50 lumens, and I'm guessing the low flash setting is much dimmer than that of the Minewt. Has anyone used both? Can you compare the brightness settings?

Also, I mount the best fitting (of the three supplied) O-ring on the un-bar-taped inner portion of my drops, and the light is knocked out of position every time I hit a significant bump. It's easy to readjust, but annoying nonetheless. Anyone have a mod to hold it in position? Thanks.

I've also posted this on the Commuting forum.

operator 09-07-08 01:48 PM

If 92 lumens is too bright you need to aim your light better.

slvoid 09-07-08 08:34 PM

I have the minewt x2 dual and yeah I would agree. The difference between low and high to my eyes is something like 10-15%, which factored with the way our eyes respond to light, is something like maybe half the amount of lumens.
To really be half as dim, they need to drop the amount of lumens by something like 4x.

Low is nearly useless for me. Half the time I run it on low and don't even notice the difference but I get more run time.

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