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omdemarseille 02-27-09 10:59 AM

Replacement bulbs for Cateye HL-RC220 (same as HL-RC230/ABS10/20)

I've got a Cateye HL-RC220 rechargable light set and the original bulb I have for it seems to be on its last legs only providing a dim beam of light. I've connected another lamp from an ABS-10 set I have and it lights up brightly like it should (both 6V, 10W). I'm pretty sure its not the battery as i've replaced it and fully charged the new one. So i'm inclined to replace the old bulb however I'm having trouble finding the original Cateye bulbs. I've found out that the bulbs used are of MR11 type and found some standard ones quite cheaply at a local hardware/electronics store: (the 6v 10w ones). The only problem i've come across its that the original cateye bulb is approx 32mm in diameter (excluding the water resistant foam material which surrounds the original bulb) and these are apparently 35mm. Has anyone had experience "retro fitting" these general purpose bulbs to bike lights? Can I expect them to provide similar beam and durability?


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